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St. Joseph’s Health Centre Bingo

On the first Monday of each month our LIONS Club provides some entertainment to the seniors at St. Joseph’s Health Centre.  The Guelph LIONS Club has provided this service project for over 40 years.

It takes a minimum of two LIONS and we arrive there at approximately 6:15 pm and go to the cafeteria on the third floor where the bingo will take place.  There is also at least one volunteer and many times there is another volunteer there from St. Joseph’s.  The staff direct us which seniors to go and get to bring to the cafeteria if needed.

The volunteer(s) and one of the LIONS help the seniors mark their bingo cards while the other LION acts a bingo caller.

Once we have everyone who wants to play, normally between 15 and 20 residents, we let the residents select up to two bingo cards.  We play nine regular games and then play for a full card.  There is no cost to the residents for playing but if they bingo on a regular game, they win $3.00.  For a full card the residents will win $5.00.  The prizes are not split in case of two or more bingos.  The rules of the game are simple.  You can have only two regular bingo wins and then must sit out until the full card game.

After all the games are over at approximately 8:00 pm, we take the residents back to their rooms.  The residents and volunteers look forward to this service project.

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