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ORGANIZATION DATE: September 26, 1944
ORGANIZED BY: Not Recorded
SPONSORING CLUB: Galt & Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
1ST SECRETARY: James E. Aldom
1ST TREASURER: Norman Mc Millan
ORGANIZED WITH: 22 Charter Members




No Recording


Held a Soap Box Derby which net profit of $25.   The seeing impaired of Guelph and their escorts, a total of 72 were entertained by the club at the annual Christmas party for the Blind.  Held a Smoker, the net profit was $567.   The club sold 290 cases of Christmas Pack Planters Peanuts, by going door to door and made a net profit of $500.  Ten needy families were distributed Christmas hampers at a cost of $234.   Participated in “White Cane Week” by stenciling White Cane on store fronts.   Members chartered a bust to take Blind on monthly visit to Huronia Hall, in Kitchener.   The Peanut project when completed made a profit of $1,295.   The club held a joint meeting with all the other service clubs in the city.  


The meeting was called to discuss the formation of a Council of Service Clubs to meet four times a year.   The Rotary Club, Mr. David Kennedy, was elected chairman for the Council meeting.   The club held their annual Soap Box Derby Race.  The interest in the event seems to have fallen off some; however the completion was still very keen.   In conjunction with this, the club held a carnival and fireworks display at night.  The club netted $125.   The club held a peanut selling contest for all girls over sixteen.   The girl selling the most peanuts in the time given an all-expense trip for three days and two nights to New York City to be accompanied by an escort.   The campaigned netted $1,200.   The annul Public Speaking Contest was held at local High School prizes were given.   Guest speaker Deputy DG Don Wallace, of Harriston, Ontario was very pleasant & gave informative speech.  Donated food, clothing and toys toward four adopted children in Europe.   The club sponsored an Eye Bank in Guelph.   There is a catalogue of donors as the nearest Bank will be Hamilton or Toronto.   The Christmas Cake Sale very encouraging over $500 in sales.   Members distribute eight hampers to needy families at a cost of $200.   Members participated in joint service bingo.   Supplied transportation for recipients of the March of Dimes.   Held a very successful Father, Son and Daughter banquet.   Members completed the peanut drive and netted $800.   Held successful Presidents Ball to end the season.  The club held first Rodeo & Stampede ever to be held in Guelph.   Entertained 80 seeing impaired people at X-mas party.  Distributed seven hampers at the X-mas fare toward the needy.     Guest speaker PDG Howard Huffman, Orillia enjoyed annual visit.   Held another successful Peanut dive netting $300.   The Xmas cake sale netted $244.   Members held bottle pick up drive in operation.   Held a golf tournament. 


  • Eye glasses supplied to those in need (58)
  • Guelph & District Organization for Mentally Challenged $100
  • Paid for one child to YMCA camp at cost $45
  • Blind Seals Campaign Fund $1,130
  • Lake Joseph Blind Camp $300


The X-mas cake sale began.   Members entertained the seeing impaired at a dinner program.   Held successful Ladies night.  Members held golf tournament.   Members worked on facilities for the mass testing of glaucoma in the city of Guelph.   Held a

X-mas part y for the seeing impaired.   Held annual ladies night.   The club held outing for members and families to O’Keefe Center Toronto, to see Tijuana Brass.   The club members enjoyed informative talk on animated T.V. commercials, by guest speaker Allan Packman.   PDG Ken Whines A9 gave interesting speech on the Peace Essay Contest.  The X-mas cake project netted $250.   


Local winner Angello Maicco of Peace Essay Contest read his winning entry (1967).   
The club adopted Centennial Educational Fund to aid financially seeing impaired children and children of seeing impaired parents in their education.   Guest speaker famous hockey player and was manager of the Los Angeles Kings, Red Kelly gave club interesting talk on behind the scene dealing in hockey.   Lions sponsored a very successful Masquerade Ball.   The feather party netted a profit of $562.00.    


  • Blind Seal Campaign Fund $4,240
  • Sight Conservation plain $294
  • Camp Nagawa Assistance Fund $100
  • Blind Craft Centennial $50
  • Camp Lake Joseph $300
  • Transportation of Blind annual picnic $100
  • Two scholarships $200 award to blind students
  • YMCA building $500
  • Bantams Hockey Team Uniforms $550
  • Guelph minor baseball team $200



Members continued with weekly T.V. bingo.   Entertained and dined 70 blind folks in the Guelph area.  Excellent entertainment & good food was provided for the guest this event has become one of the highlights of the club year.  Bingo netted $900.   Entertained Royal City Kiwanians and heard excellent talk on drugs.   Club member Hugh Boyce visited Lion Clerk in Finland, while traveling in the county with Boys Hockey team.   The club financed uniforms for the team.  The club hosted the A – 9 Effective Speaking contest.   Guest speaker PDG Tucker gave inspiring talk on “Why I am Lion “   Members took their ladies to Mohawk Raceway.  Bingo continues weekly.   Members entertained ladies to dinner and program Hawaiian style.   Provided transportation to nine handicapped children to Kitchener on daily basis, for 8 weeks.   Sixteen Lions received perfect attendance pin for 1972-73.    Past Pres. Jefferies received a plaque from the club, attribute to his devoted service during pres. year.  The club continues with T. V. bingo.   Club members entertained 85 blind people of the area, to dinner and musical program.   Transported blind citizen to and from Toronto for eye examination.   In cooperation with the Rockwood Club, the club is sponsoring Effective Speaking Contest.  The net profit from T.V. Bingo is $9,600 an all time record.   Members started a series of Bingos in Senior Citizen Homes.    The club purchased a needed ophthalmic mechanism for hospital use at a cost of $1,150.  The club hosted X-mas party for ninety-three blind people.   The club agreed to donate four special tables and color T. V. set to St. Josephs Home for the aged. 




  • Eyeglasses purchased for the needy (6)
  • Sight Conservation $655
  • Blind Seal Drive $6,520
  • Chairman Care Program $ 150 (Milton Farm & School for Deaf)
  • Guelph Junior Hockey $200
  • Guelph Junior Hockey equipment $353
  • Guelph Mentally Challenged Association $25
  • Optical Service for the Blind $400
  • Minor Baseball Team $200



The club held Bingo at St. Joseph Hospital with 30 patients participating.   The club paid for taxi fare to pick up needy blind person in Guelph so they may attend their monthly meeting for the sightless.  The smoke detector campaign netted $77.   T. V. bingo continues all members participate on a rotational basis.  The club presented five Creative Writing Awards to the top creative writers of the Guelph High School.   The award consists of engraved desk pen set, a $50 cash award and trophy.   Guest speaker Doug Sim of Kitchener, the District P. R. for Leader Dog School showed a film on the school.   Three Guelph residents have Leader dogs or Guiding dogs.    Twelve members from the Guelph made an official visit to Elora club.   The club agreed to pay 2/3rd of the cost of tickets to send 25 residents from St. Joseph’s Home for the aged to see the show “The Music Man” the cost to the club $75.00.  The club conducted a bingo at St. Joseph’s Home for the Aged thirty-five resident participated.   The club purchased 80 candy canes through “Pride” a profit of $20 was reported.    The club continues to pay taxi fare each month for a blind member of the community to attend a regular meeting for the blind. 

A donation of $100 given to Miss Janet Davies, a University of Guelph student, which she was with Crossroads International in Kenya.   She was given a club banner & asked to visit a Lions club in Nairobi.   A Letter was received from Miss Janet Davies in Kenya, Africa, thanking the Guelph Club for its support.    Easter Candy Cane sales netted approximately $150.  Two members attended the 1979 International Convention in Montreal.   The club sent a deaf student to Rainbow Camp at a cost of $90.   The club awards the top student in Carpentry at Conestoga College, plus $50 cash award and Individual trophy.   A fundraising project by selling coupon booklet with vouchers/discount coupons for area merchants.   The club held family night with a corn roast & bar-b-que.   Guest speaker Captain Heatherington, of the Salvation Army.   On Lions World Service Day, October 1979, The Guelph LC donated the Guelph Mobility van to the Guelph Mobility Fund.    The Board of Directors recommended to the general membership of the Guelph Club a new special major project to be undertaken. 



It has been decided the club pledge $24,000 toward eye examination and emergency facility at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Guelph.   The project will supply a service to people in Wellington County.   Lion Ken Havers of the Guelph Lions Club was award as Life Member.   The Guelph LC was pleased to receive the 35 year Lions Charter Anniversary Patch from the International Association.   Two Guelph Club members received 35 year Chevrons as well, Lion Hugh Boyce, and Lion Ab Stoltz.   The club purchased 50 tickets for a Barbershop Show distributed to local seeing impaired persons.   The club partaken in a 20 club Car Draw as a fund raising project.   A special guest speaker David Smith, a lawyer, presented slides of a trip to Thailand to process a case for a Canadian government.   The club continues buying 50 tickets for Barbershop Show to be distributed to local blind persons.   The annual Blind Seal Campaign was started with 5000 letters sent out asking for contributations.   The major project of the Guelph LC for 1980 has been started with the purchase of equipment and renovation of a room at St. Joseph’s Hospital at a cost of $26,300 to the club.   This will serve as an Emergency and Eye Examination room to serve the people in Wellington County, particularly the handicapped.   The T. V. Bingo finished with a net profit of $8,000.   The Blind Seal Campaign to date has netted $5,700.   A cheque for $14,000 was presented to St. Joseph’s Hospital at the official opening of the special examination and Eye Care unit set up by the Guelph club.   The club is one of 20 clubs selling car tickets on four Hondas as a fund raising project to be drawn at the Blue Jay game in Toronto 1980.   The club sponsored two students for the Effective Speaking Contest.   The club held a steak bar-b-que held at Rockwood Park as a ladies night.   The Guelph Lioness Club presented a Fashion Show.  Lion Secretary Tim Scott presented a Guelph Club banner to Canadian Ambassador to Costa Rica, Douglas Sears, and while on a trip to San Jose, Costa Rica, Central America.  The T. V. Bingo Fund raised $760.  The club spent $780 for Christmas party for the Blind of the different local municipalities.   The club held “Casino Night” at Red Chevron Club a net profit $722.   The club held father-son-daughter meeting which included 30 children.   The club paid $10,000 toward St. Josephs’ Eye Clinic.   


  • Blind Seal Campaign $560
  • Guelph X-mas Exchange Committee $150
  • Lake Joseph Camp $400
  • Leader Dog School $500
  • Milton School for the Deaf $500
  • Heart Fund $25
  • Blind Seal Campaign $4,000
  • L.I. F. $225
  • Minor Baseball in Guelph
  • Glasses purchased for the needy (8)
  • CARE $300
  • Guelph Mobility Services $2,000
  • Guelph Minor Hockey $300
  • International Youth Exchange $100



The club of Guelph organized a picnic for the seeing impaired locals.   The Guelph LC sponsored the “Red Cross” blood clinic five Lions were in attendance $100 donation toward the blood clinic.   Lion Wes Heald presented Creative Writing Awards to the following schools, College Heights, Centennial High and G. CV. I.   Lion Wally

Mc llwaraith presented the last of $5,000 as last payment of $25,000.  Lion Rick Bishop and Lion Gundon presented the Carpenters Award to James Sigurdson in Oakville.  Lion Dave Davidson attended 35th Anniversary of the Guelph Lioness Club.   The Guelph LC donated the Lioness with a “We Serve” pin.   The Guelph LC received a plaque from the minor hockey team in appreciation for the sponsorship of the hockey team.   The following members and wives visited the Wilverton LC.   The club hosted their 1st annual Auction for the benefit of the Diabetic Assoc. the profit will be split between the Assoc. & the Lions Club.  Approximately $4,000.   The club held the X-mas party for the seeing impaired over 100 guests attended.    Guest speaker PID Lion Ernie Moore visited the club Nov 1986.   The club allocated $3,000 for new TTD units for the deaf. 


  • Wheelchair for Mr. W. Burgen $500 (partial payment)
  • Guelph Minor Hockey Team $400
  • Books for the children of the Moose Deer Point Indian Resv.$100
  • Water bed for Christopher Wiseman $300.
  • Lions Home of the Deaf/Blind Children in Oakville $1,000
  • C. N. I. B. $25 (In Honor of John Cable)
  • Blind Seal Campaign $5,955
  • Guelph Minor Baseball Team $76
  • Sunrise Center $200
  • Salvation Army $350
  • Glasses purchased for the needy (2)
  • Guelph Hospital $1000
  • Red Cross $100
  • Hyperthermia Machine $450
  • Bradford LC Deaf/Blind building fund $1000
  • Joseph Center $1000


1991-1999   *Please note the club did not hold a lot of meetings during the summer

Purchased Friendship Arches for the Peter Misersky Park.  The club received a thank you letter from Wyndham House for helping with a cook book and selling of it.   Held a picnic for the seeing impaired.  The club continues with weekly bingo for the elderly at St. Joseph Homes.   Members presented to Lion John Brash a Melvin Jones Award.   Members cleaned the highway.   A collection of 250 eyeglasses from the boxes distributed throughout the town.  Lion Wolfgang Boelke drove a local person to the hospital.   The club continues to hold bingo at St. Josephs Hospital.   



The club held effective speaking contest at the Holiday Inn with 18 contestants Lion Dave Davison organized. 


  • Glasses purchased for the needy (1)
  • Guelph Lioness Club $100
  • Hearing Conservation $500
  • Blind Seal Campaign Fund $3,640
  • Lions home for the deaf $500
  • Guelph Minor Baseball Team $400
  • Salvation Army $300
  • Camp St Joseph $675
  • District Youth Exchange Camp $1,500
  • Diabetes Research $500


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