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Lions Clubs in conjunction with Ontario Optometrists conduct a program of vision screening for junior and senior kindergarten students in their area. The program consists of three simple tests designed to detect possible vision problems.

The three tests are 1. A visual acuity test similar to a standard eye chart except symbols are substituted for the letters on the standard chart. 2. A stereo test to determine how well the eyes work to provide depth perception. 3. A laser eye refraction machine is used to measure the curvature and focal length within the eye.

Unsatisfactory results of any of these tests, causes a letter to be sent to the parents of the child, recommending that an Optometrist test the child.

The Guelph Lions Club will provide any financial assistance needed which is not covered under the provincial medical plan to ensure that the child receives what is required for proper vision.

Over the last ten years the Guelph Lions Club has screened over 6,000 children in the Upper Grand and Wellington Separate School Boards. Almost 40% of those screened were referred to an Optometrist for further testing.

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